PFI Test Marks

Test marks are awarded on the basis of project-specific requirements. Certification and recognised test marks play a crucial role in quality control, ultimately enhancing the perceived value of a brand or a manufacturer. In our understanding, a test mark should serve consumers as a decision-making aid.

Our test marks will help you to successfully communicate the advantages of your products to your customers. A test mark demonstrates that you take your obligations as manufacturer or distributor seriously and that the product meets not only the minimum required safety standards but possibly also satisfies more stringent quality demands. It is nothing less than a sign of confidence in the quality of your company’s excellent products.

PFI test marks are awarded only to products which satisfy PFI’s criteria. As an independent test institute, we set criteria that are more stringent than statutory requirements.  

PFI Test Marks 

  • eco label
  • 100% Vegan
  • Contaminants Workmanship 
  • Inspected Quality
  • Tested luggage
  • Fitting tested
  • Further test marks on request

PFI test mark "eco Label"

PFI has adapted the already existing eco Label to the upcoming environmental and political challenges such as the Green Deal and the Supply Chain Act and developed a tool with which companies are able to make their production and/or services more sustainable. The central starting point is the "actual situation" in the companies. Experience has shown that there are differences: some companies have already done a lot and have firmly anchored sustainable processes in their corporate philosophy. Other companies have difficulties in implementing them. There are usually several reasons for this. The multitude of "new" requirements by the EU, which are aimed at the social and ecological responsibility of companies, is difficult to reconcile and the implementation of the requirements is often difficult and in part connected with not inconsiderable investments. The European Green Deal calls for climate neutrality by 2050; EU action plans envisage several interim targets (2030); the German Supply Chain Act is about to come into force; penalties for companies that do not make an effort to achieve the targets set by the policy are possible at any time.

In order to make it easier for companies to get started towards more sustainability, we have structured the PFI eco Label in such a way that it enables a start even under the "least favourable ecological" conditions. Our aim is to develop a suitable strategy for every interested party who wants to take the path to documented due diligence, greater sustainability and towards climate neutrality. The building blocks of the PFI eco Label are a general and a company-specific questionnaire - both of which are discussed with our clients in advance in order to subsequently develop a strategy for the year 2030 based on the data obtained. We then present this as a strategy action plan - with the aim of enabling the awarding of a label.

PFI test mark "100% Vegan"

The 100% Vegan test mark offers the possibility to make products or materials, whose ingredients and production processes are vegan, accordingly transparent for the consumer. Vegan means, renouncement of any animal components and animal products in all production steps.

PFI test mark "100% Vegan eco"

The PFI test mark 100% Vegan eco can be awarded to controlled organic produced vegan articles, materials and process materials. It offers an effective possibility to draw additional attention to your products and to document your sense of responsibility to the outside. The PFI test mark 100% Vegan eco consists of two modules, the 100% Vegan PFI test mark and the module eco. The module eco consists of several requirements. During an on-site visit to the manufacturing company, our auditors check the quality management and energy saving measures as well as the compliance with environmental standards, occupational health and safety regulations and social standards.


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